Our wedding party

Maid of Honor- Yolanda Craig has been my best friend since I was 12. We met in middle school practicing for one the many sports that we played. In high school we couldn't be torn apart, and she was even my prom date! We made it our mission to go to college together, become roommates, and it worked out great! She was there when I first met LeRoyal, and I know she will always be there for me.

Bridesmaid-Tyeisha Martin is the sister I never had. We met when we were in first grade and kept in touch ever since. We have so many childhood memories from hand clapping games, silly movies, and many days and nights spent on the track. I know through all the state jumping we have both done we will never lose our connection.


Best Man- Corey Jenkins has been one of my best friends also since I was 12. We met the summer our family moved to Naples Italy at a flag football game that our teen center was hosting. At the time we played on opposite teams and didn't know each other then, but through the game and learning the similiar interests we shared a bond was made that day. Whether it was during school and having the same classes or lunches everyone knew we were inseperable.

Groomsman- Michal McMiller is not only my cousin but is also on of my best friends. I never would have imagined we would have gotten as close as we did until he moved to Texas and lived with us for my last year in highschool. We both sing, dance, and share the same birthday week. If you ask any of our family members they would tell you that him and I should have our own show because there's no telling what we'd get ourselves into when we're together.

Jounique's attendants
  • Yolanda Craig, Maid Of Honor
  • Tyeisha Martin, Bridesmaid
LeRoyal's attendants
  • Corey Jenkins, Best Man
  • Michal McMiller, Groomsman
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